If The X-Men Starred In Mad Men

Sure, the advertising world is a cutthroat place—but nothing a group of mutants can't handle just fine according to Union Pool. Eat it, Sterling Cooper Draper Price! » 9/12/13 8:30pm 9/12/13 8:30pm

Mad Men's Biggest Dork Guest Stars On You Don't Know Jack

Part of the fun of the very fun Facebook-anchored version of You Don't Know Jack is that because Jellyvision is constantly adding new questions and content, they can stay current. It also means, apparently, that they can have guest stars. » 2/07/13 9:00pm 2/07/13 9:00pm

These Gifs Prove That Mad Men Would Make For a Fantastic Video Game

The fifth season of Mad Men has concluded, and now we must all sit in silence, have long conversations about symbolism... and wait for a depressingly long time for the next season to begin. » 6/13/12 8:30pm 6/13/12 8:30pm

Mad Men Video Game is Free, Lets You Smoke and Shoot People

If you're like me, you watched Mad Men and lamented the fact that the hit AMC Show takes place before the dawn of home video game consoles. Can you imagine too-cool ad execs Don Draper and Roger Sterling in a pitch meeting for the Atari 2600? "So, all it does is move that thing on my TV? How're we gonna sell that?"… » 3/25/12 5:00pm 3/25/12 5:00pm

Halo, A Backstreet Boy, A Naked Woman, And A Madman

Artist Tyler Shields brings together the Backstreet Boys' Aj McLean, Madmen's Michael Gladis, an attractive naked woman, and Halo in a twisted tale of love, friendship, betrayal, and murder. Check out Shield's website for some NSFW stills from the shoot.
» 12/09/10 3:30pm 12/09/10 3:30pm

Quick, Someone Go Squat on MadMenTheGame.Com

Trademark filings are sort of like optioning a book to Hollywood - the deal's been done, but it doesn't mean the movie/game will come to pass. Let's hope it stays that way for "Mad Men." » 4/04/09 6:00pm 4/04/09 6:00pm