Mad Max's High-Level Jacket Should Look Cooler Than This [Update: There's A Hidden, Better Jacket!]

In a world filled with uncertainty we are able to cling to few sure things. One rock we can grasp to pull us through our days is the expectation that the more advanced clothing and armor that we obtain for our video game heroes will look more impressive than their starter gear. If only this was true in the new Mad Max »9/30/15 12:10pm9/30/15 12:10pm

I Can't Stop Collecting Stuff in Video Games

Here’s something I wish more game designers understood: If you put an interaction in your game, I am going to interact with it. Anytime a game responds to its players, the rats—or at least this rat—are going to press the lever for more cocaine pellets. Jenova Chen, during a talk about the design of Journey a couple… »9/04/15 12:30pm9/04/15 12:30pm

Help! My Partner Is Addicted to Collecting Toys and It's Freaking Me Out

Hey, folks! Sorry to dispense with my normal nonsense, but I got a really important letter that I‘m very excited to share. I don’t get a ton of letters dealing with real issues, but I’m always happy to try to help. If you only read this for silliness, don’t worry—there’s still an insane Mad Max theory and the world’s… »9/03/15 5:10pm9/03/15 5:10pm