Solid Snake isn't the only one getting release dates today, as Warner Bros. and Avalanche Studios announced Mad Max will arrive on September 1 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions have apparently been cancelled. » 3/03/15 1:55pm 3/03/15 1:55pm

Reminder: There's Going To Be a Mad Max Game, Too

One of the biggest hits at this year's Comic-Con International was the fresh look at Mad Max: Fury Road, the new take on George Miller's classic dystopian opus. With all the buzz around the new trailer, it's a good time to remind ourselves that there's going to be a game set in the same grungy future wasteland. » 7/29/14 5:14pm 7/29/14 5:14pm

Here's the First Mad Max Trailer, and It Will Make You a Believer

Now you can see first Mad Max: Fury Road trailer, unveiled yesterday at Comic-Con, with your own eyes. It's full of gorgeous deserts, blooming smoke bombs the color of bruises, and a giant dust storm that looms over the landscape like a terrestrial tsunami. Dystopia has never looked so desolate and fascinating. » 7/27/14 4:38pm 7/27/14 4:38pm

Here's the new trailer for Mad Max, the upcoming car combat game based on the memorable series of eighties-era post-apocalyptic movies that starred Mel Gibson before he became a crazy person. The video mostly focuses on the cars, which all look pretty in the rusty post-apocalyptic sort of way, and suggests that… » 4/25/14 9:35am 4/25/14 9:35am

Dying Light, Mad Max, DC Graphic Novels, Free Hugo [Deals]

The holidays are basically over people, time to save some money on 2014 pre-orders. Grab Dying Light and/or Mad Max for $10 off, and enjoy the added security of pre-order low price guarantee, not to mention the fact that Amazon won't charge you until the game ships. » 12/30/13 2:25pm 12/30/13 2:25pm

10 Influential Movies (Where Everybody Copied the Wrong Thing)

Every once in a while, a movie comes along that changes everything. A film that rewrites the rules and influences a generation of film-makers. But all too often, the people who imitate these ground-breaking movies miss the point. Here are 10 science fiction and fantasy movies from which everybody copied the wrong… » 8/21/13 1:39pm 8/21/13 1:39pm

Now that the Mad Max game is going to have an Australian-accented star, who's it going to be? One man has already put his hand up: Mel Gibson's brother (and professional voice actor) Donal. Who like Mel isn't actually Australian, but having spent time here growing up can do the accent pretty damn well. » 7/25/13 1:30am 7/25/13 1:30am

Mad Max’s First Gameplay Trailer Looks Hopeless, in a Good Way

The thing about the Mad Max movies is that it looks like somebody already tried to save the world and failed at it. And what we see are the terrible remains. The newest trailer for Avalanche Studios’ Mad Max puts its headbutting, car-combat action smack dab in the middle of that world. Thank goodness. Granted, it's… » 7/15/13 10:20am 7/15/13 10:20am

Today Is A G'Day: Mad Max Will Have Aussie Protagonist After All

When Stephen saw it or, rather, heard it, Mad Max's characters had no Australian accents and developers Avalanche Studios had no plans to include them, upsetting Mad Max devotees of all national origins. That posture has been officially reversed. » 7/02/13 3:30pm 7/02/13 3:30pm

The New Mad Max Game Will Be Vast, Violent and Not Sound Australian

I detected nary an Australian accent from the characters in the new Mad Max game that made its surprise debut at E3 earlier this week. There will be no Australian voices, one of the game's creators told me. OK. At least Max's steering wheel's on the right. What else have they got here? » 6/26/13 10:40am 6/26/13 10:40am

The Just Cause Guys Are Making A Mad Max Game

Avalanche Studios, the developers of the Just Cause series, are making a Mad Max game. We don't know much about it, since only a short clip and logo was shown, but if you remember a few months back some blurry teaser images were shown which suggest the game is basically a post-apocalyptic Just Cause. With Australians. » 6/10/13 10:42pm 6/10/13 10:42pm

BioWare's Next Big Thing Makes an Explosive First Impression

While fans occupy themselves waiting for the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic and the third Mass Effect game, BioWare is busy working on something new — something that looks like this. » 11/07/11 12:20pm 11/07/11 12:20pm

You Too Can Drive Like Mad Max (Well, Sorta!)

One of Australia's most iconic muscle cars is coming to Forza Motorspot 4. In Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, it was the Pursuit Special, a tuned and customized 1973 Ford XB Falcon GT. » 8/29/11 7:30am 8/29/11 7:30am

So, Where's This New Mad Max Game?

Over two years ago, it was revealed that director George Miller would be making a new Mad Max movie, and that God of War 2 director Cory Barlog would be making the accompanying game. And we've heard almost nothing since! » 7/16/10 2:30am 7/16/10 2:30am

Mad Max Director Thinks Games Are Surpassing Films In Storytelling

Yesterday, it was Star Ocean 4 designer Yoshinori Yamagishi going on about how video game storytelling could exceed books or film. Today, it's Mad Max director George Miller. Tomorrow? Who knows. » 3/06/09 11:30pm 3/06/09 11:30pm

How's That Mad Max Game Coming Along, Cory Barlog?

God of War II » 10/17/08 4:40pm 10/17/08 4:40pm designer and number one fan Cory Barlog got back to bloggin' today, giving the world an update on his latest project, a video game based on . Barlog's whittling away on the game's story with director George Miller with the two having apparently "put the final touches on the Mad Max story and game…