Why The Next Portable Nintendo Game Wouldn't Work on an iPhone

Nintendo executives have many reasons to keep their games off of iPhones and Androids and to only let them play on Nintendo hardware. But what about the creators of a new Nintendo video game? They've got reasons, too. » 3/18/13 12:45pm 3/18/13 12:45pm

Nintendo's Portable Lineup Dates Paper Mario, Moves Luigi to 2013

With the release of the new 3DS XL just a week away, Nintendo releases its massive list of 3DS, DSi and eShop game releases, solidifying a November release for the next installment of Paper Mario, giving Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon a 2013 move-in date, and dropping a few surprises for Nintendo's portable power players. » 8/13/12 8:15am 8/13/12 8:15am