The logo on the Xbox One Employee Edition is infinitely more desirable…

The Best New Video Game Logo In a Long Time

The game this logo is for is multiplayer. It pits four players against one. The four are humans; the fifth is a giant monster. So they're evenly matched. This, everyone, is a brilliant logo. (The game sounds like it's pretty good, too.) » 2/11/14 1:00pm 2/11/14 1:00pm

Epic Games Announces Best Studio Logo Ever

Today Epic Games announced the opening of some video game studio in Maryland that has a freaking bear with wings and a unicorn horn for its logo. It's working on Infinity Blade: Dungeons or something. Bear. With wings. And a horn. » 8/09/12 11:00am 8/09/12 11:00am

The Controller Shop's Custom Kotaku 360 Pad is a Thing of Beauty

The controller customization experts at The Controller Shop asked if we wanted to review one of their magical creations. I said sure. They asked what sort of controller they should send. I left it up to them. Wise decision. » 5/04/12 9:30pm 5/04/12 9:30pm

Pouring Booze on an Ice Logo

ChinaJoy, China's largest video game and gaming culture expo, is set to get bigger this year as it prepares for its tenth outing.

In a press conference in Beijing on Friday, the organizers of ChinaJoy, the General Administration of Press and Publication, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of… » 3/05/12 7:30am 3/05/12 7:30am

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Logo Has A Little Friend

Nintendo lightens up the logo for Super Mario Galaxy 2 with the addition of an adorable representative of the Luma race, the transforming stars of Super Mario Galaxy. » 3/24/10 11:20am 3/24/10 11:20am

Early Images From Games Convention 2008

Behold the official Kotaku logo for Games Convention 2008 in Leipzig, Germany. It was designed by our very own Adam, who proves his worth in new ways every day. The logo is just one of the preparations being made for next Sunday, when McWhertor and I make the trek overseas to cover the massive game festival. The… » 8/08/08 2:30pm 8/08/08 2:30pm