Video Of What Steven Spielberg's Failed 'LMNO' Could Have Been

Click to viewThis is the game that Steven Spielberg and Electronic Arts wanted to make, but couldn't. The project known as LMNO will never be, but this "visual target" of the game that hoped to make us cry shows it could have been beautiful. » 11/04/10 7:40pm 11/04/10 7:40pm

How Steven Spielberg's Ambitious Video Game Failed To Take Off

Steven Spielberg once tried to make a video game known to most people only as "LMNO," an ambitious project that would have explored the relationship between a secret agent and an alien-like creature named Eve had it not been canceledtwice. » 11/02/10 9:00pm 11/02/10 9:00pm

EA Cancels Steven Spielberg Game

For years now, Electronic Arts and Steven Spielberg were supposed to have been working on a project called "LMNO". We'd long thought it was dead. Now EA has finally confirmed it. » 10/12/10 12:00am 10/12/10 12:00am

Further Confirmation That Spielberg's LMNO Is D.O.A. [Update]

Way back in October, we brought word that Spielberg's "ultra-real" game, code-named LMNO Project, had been shelved — a rumor EA said was "incorrect". » 6/26/09 11:00pm 6/26/09 11:00pm

EA: Spielberg's Game Still Alive

Electronic Arts contacted us this morning to let us know that rumors of the death of Steven Spielberg's next game » 10/31/08 11:00am 10/31/08 11:00am, LMNO, are greatly exaggerated. For those of you not up on your alphabet games, LMNO is said to be an ultra-realistic title that was once as “North by Northwest meets ET… if ET were female, grown up and…