Developer Behind Creepy Alternate-Reality Adventure Games Now Making a…

Many years ago, the creepy alternate-reality adventure game Missing: Since January (called In Memoriam outside of the US) tried to blur the lines between its fiction and our world. In pursuing the trail of the fictional Jack Lorski and Karen Volker, players wind through real-world history and geography, as well as… » 9/27/12 1:00pm 9/27/12 1:00pm

Price of PSN Game Is Put Up to a Poll, but There's a Catch

The creepy survival-horror game Amy, about a psychic girl caught up in a zombie-like pandemic, is due for release on Wednesday on Xbox Live, where it will cost 800 Microsoft Points. Alright. It's due out on Tuesday on PlayStation Network, for a price of $12.99. That means the game is effectively $3 more on the PS3. » 1/07/12 3:00pm 1/07/12 3:00pm

This Little Girl is the Key to Surviving the Horror of Amy

When the world's population has been transformed into rampaging flesh-hungry monsters and the infection is spreading through your system a little psychic girl can make all the difference. » 11/03/11 6:40pm 11/03/11 6:40pm

Red Johnson's Chronicles Makes A Compelling Case For PlayStation…

Combining a sleek and sexy graphical style, puzzle solving, investigation, and quick fire action scenes, PlayStation Network adventure game Red Johnson's Chronicles is a game that deserves more attention then it's gotten so far. » 4/14/11 2:00pm 4/14/11 2:00pm

Flashback Designer Creates Survival Horror Babysitting Adventure

Paul Cuisset, the man behind the rotoscoped classic Flashback, takes a turn at survival horror with Amy, a tale of post-global warming horror that charges you with protecting one very special little girl. » 2/28/11 11:40am 2/28/11 11:40am