Here's One Thing We Want From The NGP

This. This is what we want. Well, not Okami specifically, just the idea of it, where we can walk into a store, pick up a game and know it spans the divide between three PlayStation consoles. » 2/05/11 12:00am 2/05/11 12:00am

The Evil Dead Role-Playing Game That Should Have Been...

...just as much as Evil Dead: Hail to the King and A Fistful of Boomstick shouldn't have. Sadly just a fan art mock up, as seen on @armyoftrolls Twitter feed. An alternate animated GIF version, also for the fantasizing. » 4/12/10 11:30pm 4/12/10 11:30pm

What's Happened To Nintendo's "New Play Control"?

When first announced, Nintendo's line of "New Play Control" games seemed like a great idea. Repackage games from the criminally unloved GameCube, then sell them onto a massive audience that missed them first time around. So what's happened? » 2/02/10 2:30am 2/02/10 2:30am

Who Can Capcom Fight Next?

You know, reading that list of "lost" Tatsunoko vs Capcom characters the other day got me thinking: there's plenty of room out there for more Capcom vs XXXX games. » 1/25/10 3:00am 1/25/10 3:00am

What We Want From The Next Nintendo Handheld

Yesterday, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata made the first public mention of the company's plans for a successor to the wildly-popular DS handheld. So we know, vaguely, what Nintendo want from the console. That's fine. Here's what we want. » 1/07/10 9:00am 1/07/10 9:00am

What Would The DS Look Like With a Four Inch Screen?

The current DSi screen is 3.25 inches. Rumor has it that Nintendo will be releasing a new DS with a 4 inch screen. What would that look like? Time to bust out the ruler and additional screen. » 10/28/09 12:00am 10/28/09 12:00am

What If Noby Noby Boy Was Movie, A Scary Movie

Namco's PSN title Noby Noby Boy is the latest creation from zany game designer Keita Takahashi. His games are on the wacky, carefree side. What if Noby Noby Boy was a movie, though? » 9/18/09 5:00am 9/18/09 5:00am

Street Fighter IV With Old School Sprites

Street Fighter IV does not have old school Street Fighter III sprites. But what if it did? What would it look like? Over at the Shoryuken forums, steamboy33 thinks it would look like this. » 9/10/09 6:00am 9/10/09 6:00am

Guitar Hero: The Beatles Clip

The Beatles have made their Rock Band debut. We even reviewed it! But what if, what if the fab four was coming to rival franchise Guitar Hero? Let's fantasy. Let's. » 9/08/09 12:00am 9/08/09 12:00am

What Series Will Sony Re-Release On Blu-Ray Next?

On the one hand, Sony's decision to re-release God of War 1 & 2 on Blu-Ray seems selfish. A chance to force many people to re-purchase a game they already own. But on the other, it sets an interesting precedent. » 8/31/09 10:20pm 8/31/09 10:20pm

What Do You Mean It's Not Worth Localising Yakuza 3?

Time for more Let's Fantasy! This week, we look at Sega's Yakuza 3, a game many of you would like to play, but which Sega seem intent on never releasing in the West. » 8/18/09 4:30am 8/18/09 4:30am

If Only There Were PS2 Games On The PSN...

Do you dream about things? We don't. Dreaming is for dreamers. We prefer to spend our spare time thinking merely of things that should be, but are not. » 8/12/09 7:30am 8/12/09 7:30am