Airtight Studios will be working with a few less hands on deck. The Seattle-based development studio behind upcoming ghost mystery game Murdered: Soul Suspect has issued a statement saying they've laid off 14 people, saying "this restructuring is part of the normal ebb and flow of game production." This news comes on the … » 4/02/14 4:45pm 4/02/14 4:45pm

Zynga's "Walking Dead" Must Train Their Replacements or Lose Severance

The east coast presence of Zynga, that once-proud and mighty maker of tractor simulators, has been decimated—but it looks like it's not completely gone. Yet. A skeleton crew of doomed software refugees is sticking around Zynga's Manhattan turf, given the terrible "choice" between staying on longer or forfeiting their… » 6/05/13 5:25pm 6/05/13 5:25pm

Snacktaku Special Report: Hostess Struck Down, Fate of the Twinkie…

Stop reading this and go to the store. Buy all the Twinkies, Ho-Ho's, Ding Dongs, Fruit Pies and chocolate cup cakes with the swirly line of "frosting" on top that you can afford. Take out a loan if you must. Hostess Brands, Inc., a national snacking institution for more than 80 years, is closing its doors for good. » 11/16/12 10:15am 11/16/12 10:15am