What Could Be Better Than a Laser? Try a Six-Barrel Laser Gatling Gun

The last time we checked in with Patrick Priebe he'd crafted a replica of the Dead Space plasma cutter using a pair of 1.5-watt blue lasers. This time he's back with a ridiculous spinning gatling gun packing a total of six 1.4-watt blue lasers, and a less intense green laser used for targeting. Watch in awe and horror … » 7/05/13 5:50am 7/05/13 5:50am

The Battle of the Portal-Singing Lasers is Joined By Two Amazing…

Last week I posted Chris DePrisco's fiber laser rendition of Jonathan Coulton's "Still Alive" » 3/30/12 12:00pm 3/30/12 12:00pm, the ending theme from , with an implied suggestion that 's "Want You Gone" receive similar treatment. Well it did. Twice. From two completely different types of lasers.