Death Stars It'd Really Take to Destroy a Planet

Ever since I learned how inaccurate Star Wars battles really were, I've been thinking about how off the entire Star Wars universe is. I get it, in a place where people have telekinetic powers and can shoot lightning from their fingers; you can't exactly expect things to line up with… well, physics. When I started… »10/01/14 1:50pm10/01/14 1:50pm

U.S. Military Using Xbox 360 Controller For New Laser Gun

Controlling military hardware with video game input devices isn't new. Drones, bomb defusal robots and other battlefield equipment have steered by Xbox 360 gamepads for a while now. But the newest weapon using a Microsoft-made controller might be one of the most powerful ones yet. It's a laser on top of a truck that… »9/08/14 11:30am9/08/14 11:30am

What Could Be Better Than a Laser? Try a Six-Barrel Laser Gatling Gun

The last time we checked in with Patrick Priebe he'd crafted a replica of the Dead Space plasma cutter using a pair of 1.5-watt blue lasers. This time he's back with a ridiculous spinning gatling gun packing a total of six 1.4-watt blue lasers, and a less intense green laser used for targeting. Watch in awe and… »7/05/13 5:50am7/05/13 5:50am