Want Early Access To The "New Xbox Experience"?

We're eagerly anticipating the day the DHL man drops by Kotaku Towers West to casually toss a disc with the New Xbox Experience burned on it. Here's to hoping one of the local transients doesn't snatch it from our stoop first. Yes, we'll be spending plenty »10/20/08 4:40pm10/20/08 4:40pm of time with the NXE prior to November 19th, the update's…

Fable II Pub Game Pre-Order Codes Broken [UPDATE]

It appears something is up with the codes GameStop and Amazon were giving out for Fable II pre-orders. The code was supposed to allow people to download a free copy of the stand alone Fable II Pub Games, but we've received numerous reports that the codes don't work. Reports of the code not working have also cropped… »8/13/08 10:20am8/13/08 10:20am