Lana Del Rey's 'Video Games' Finally Turns Up In A Video Game Trailer

It was only a matter of time, I guess, before Lana Del Rey's 2011 breakout hit "Video Games" wound up being used in a video game trailer. And so it has come to pass—this trailer for Hitman: Absolution turned up on Eurpoean airwaves last week, and it features Del Rey's song. Also, an out-of-focus naked woman in a… » 7/11/12 4:15pm 7/11/12 4:15pm

Princess Peach Does One Amazing Lana Del Rey Impression

With retooled lyrics, some sweet costumes, and a heavy application of lip makeup, the magical Jenny Bede transforms Lana Del Rey's "Video Games" into a tale of video gaming's most heartbreaking love triangle.

Sorry, Miss Del Rey, but if you're going to name a song "Video Games" this sort of thing is bound to… » 2/24/12 12:00pm 2/24/12 12:00pm

WTPT: Chiptunes and Cartoons Make for a Happy Wednesday

This morning's Watch This, Play This features a little of everything. In fact, you could probably break multi-tasking records and watch the videos simultaneously even while playing our new Gaming App of the Day. But probably not.

WATCH: One of our favorite web series, Awesome series, just posted an update with a new… » 2/15/12 12:30pm 2/15/12 12:30pm

This Pixel-Perfect Chiptune Rendition of Lana Del Rey's "Video Games" Surpasses the Original in Every Way

Soulful songstress Lana Del Rey made a splash last year with her single "Video Games", a song that repeated the term 'video games' several times, causing many gamers to fall instantly in love despite the games in question being used as an example of how routine her once passionate relationship had become. The video… » 2/15/12 12:00pm 2/15/12 12:00pm

Lana Del Rey Sings a Lonely Song Called "Video Games"

25-year-old Lana Del Rey certainly has a lot to be sad about: she's gorgeous, talented, and has excellent taste in old Hollywood indulgence. But as a bald traffic cop once wandered by my car and told me, everybody hurts sometimes. And there's something genuinely affecting in the picture she paints of a relationship… » 7/15/11 5:20pm 7/15/11 5:20pm