Well, That's One Way to Combat Misogyny in Gaming

Enthusiasts of military-style first-person shooters are not well known for their progressive thoughts on the matter of gender. The organizers of a large LAN party in Texas, scheduled to celebrate the launch of Battlefield 3, have decided the best way to deal with any slurs hurled at female gamers is to simply forbid… » 7/23/11 3:00pm 7/23/11 3:00pm

German Pols Have a LAN Party in the Reichstag

Germany's government has a rather sensitive relationship with video games. Reports of official censorship often involve the country, either for violent content or the fact that Nazis are useful game antagonists - and you know how they feel about that. Sensational crimes with ties to "Killerspiele," have stirred calls… » 2/24/11 8:30pm 2/24/11 8:30pm