You Will Not Believe You're Watching This L.A. Noire Blooper Reel

Is this reel real? Depth Analysis, which created the face scanning technology used in 2011's L.A. Noire, for some reason released an outtakes reel on Thursday and it shows just how sophisticated the technology really is. We're not just hearing voice actors flub lines, snicker and look off-camera, we're seeing their… »2/03/13 6:30pm2/03/13 6:30pm

Report: Rockstar Threatened To "Sue The S**t" Out Of A TV Show Called LA Noir. [UPDATE: Game Publisher Denies.]

Hollywood director and writer Frank Darabont was working on a TV show called LA Noir, which aside from having a similar name to Rockstar's 2011 adventure was also set in Los Angeles circa 1947, the same year the game begins. Despite being based on a book by the same name, he says he's had to change the name after… »1/24/13 11:00pm1/24/13 11:00pm

A Son Takes His Father on a Tour of His Boyhood Home—in a Video Game

When you introduce a video game to an older relative who doesn't play them—a parent or a grandparent—and they realize they've underestimated how detailed, how immersive these things really are, the conversations you have after that really are special. If this hasn't happened for you, ask anyone for whom it has. »10/17/12 10:00pm10/17/12 10:00pm

Here’s the First Look at Whore of the Orient, the Next Game from the Makers of L.A. Noire

Brendan McNamara's most recent game had players exploring the seamy underbelly of an impressive, gleaming recreation of 1940s Los Angeles with L.A. Noire. The first glimpse at his next game—being produced with director George Miller's film production firm KMM Interactive—the grime is all out in the open. »8/30/12 8:45am8/30/12 8:45am

The PlayStation Network Unleashes Ultimate Editions for One Week Only

Proving once again that it pays to wait when it comes to the hottest PlayStation 3 games, today Sony is launching Ultimate Editions, a selection of hit PS3 titles bundled with all of their downloadable content for one low price. How much would you pay for complete editions of Red Dead Redemption, BioShock 2, or L.A.… »5/29/12 8:30am5/29/12 8:30am