Report: Rockstar Threatened To "Sue The S**t" Out Of A TV Show Called LA Noir. [UPDATE: Game Publisher Denies.]

Hollywood director and writer Frank Darabont was working on a TV show called LA Noir, which aside from having a similar name to Rockstar's 2011 adventure was also set in Los Angeles circa 1947, the same year the game begins. Despite being based on a book by the same name, he says he's had to change the name after… »1/24/13 11:00pm

Here’s the First Look at Whore of the Orient, the Next Game from the Makers of L.A. Noire

Brendan McNamara's most recent game had players exploring the seamy underbelly of an impressive, gleaming recreation of 1940s Los Angeles with L.A. Noire. The first glimpse at his next game—being produced with director George Miller's film production firm KMM Interactive—the grime is all out in the open. »8/30/12 8:45am