Another One For The Topless Wii Fit Pile

You know how this works. Physically attractive girl gets on Wii Fit, physically attractive plays Wii Fit, things jiggle, someone else posts video of it on the internet, boys get horny, massive page views ensue. It worked for Wii Fit Girl, who has an impressive 5 million views on YouTube, and it worked for Playboy's Jo… » 7/11/08 10:30pm 7/11/08 10:30pm

The Market Is Finally Ready For Wii Remote Dildo Peripherals

They're to be sold by a company by the name of oioo. No idea what games could ever support this. They come in his & her's varieties. Or her's and her's. Or his and...look, we're still a little unsure about the one on the left. It looks like it will cause injuries. And not the type that break a television. The type… » 7/10/08 5:30am 7/10/08 5:30am