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How To Deliver A Gas Tanker Like A Winner

In Highlight Reel today we have a load of Dying Light clips, some explosive gas tankers in GTA V, parachute skateboarding action in H1z1 and more! » 1/30/15 6:30pm 1/30/15 6:30pm

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire: The Kotaku Review

It's easy to miss, but the people of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire whisper about things. Incredible things. Inexplicable things. The sorts of rumors involving legendary Pokémon that sound unbelievable, until you remember you're dealing with a video game, where there is no such thing as a tall tale. » 11/21/14 9:00am 11/21/14 9:00am

Endless Legend: The Kotaku Review

As part of our recent shift in focus, I've been playing (and thus writing) about Civilization even more than usual. And for a while, it seemed every time I did, someone deep in the comments section would be whispering about another game I should try that, *gasp*, might be better than Civ. So I did. And whaddya know,… » 11/06/14 6:30pm 11/06/14 6:30pm

​Look at The Insane Moves You Can Pull Off In This Indie Shooter

Part of the reason I still hold a candle for the multiplayer shooters of the late 90s is their insane mobility. The characters in games like Quake III Arena, Unreal Tournament, and Serious Sam all move like the Flash on the Moon. Reflex is hoping to capture a bit of that. » 9/29/14 7:15pm 9/29/14 7:15pm

The Future of Oculus Rift, According to the Man Who Invented It

If anyone knows what's going to happen to virtual reality it's Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus VR and inventor of the Oculus Rift. So I asked him. » 8/15/14 11:00am 8/15/14 11:00am

​Reminder: Never Trust Anyone in Dark Souls II

Hi everybody! Here's your daily reminder that the Souls games are engineered to cause pain and misery, even from people you trust. Never trust anybody! » 7/30/14 1:00pm 7/30/14 1:00pm

A Behind-The Scenes Look At Kotaku

Have you ever wanted to watch Kotaku talk about Kotaku? "Hell yes!" you say? "I want nothing more in this world," you say? Excellent. Here's a video recording of our panel from PAX East earlier this month. We talk about games, new consoles, and what it's like to work for everyone's favorite video game website. » 4/22/14 12:15pm 4/22/14 12:15pm

Kotaku UK Is Officially Live

If you missed it last month, we announced a partnership with Future Publishing to launch Kotaku UK, the UK's own version of Kotaku. And that site is officially live today. » 4/14/14 10:59am 4/14/14 10:59am

Get A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Kotaku

The full force of Kotaku NYC (some of whom are too busy playing Threes on their respective devices in this picture here) will be headed to Boston this weekend for PAX East for fun game things, reporting things, and hanging out things. But we'll also be hosting a panel on Friday morning. It's called Kotaku's Incredible… » 4/09/14 11:00am 4/09/14 11:00am

It Is Now April 1. Don't Believe Everything You Read On The Internet.

Most days on the internet are pretty sweet! Today, however, is not sweet. It is an ordeal, something to be endured through gritted teeth. Please, tread carefully. » 4/01/14 12:00am 4/01/14 12:00am

How To Read, And Use, Kotaku

Coming to Kotaku, reading a story then reading another one is easy, but there's more to this site than the obvious. You can comment, share and create your own content. You can even filter content according to taste. And more. Here's how. » 3/13/14 8:05pm 3/13/14 8:05pm

Come See Kotaku At PAX East

Dear friends, frenemies, straight-up bad guys, and anyone else who reads Kotaku—if you are headed to Boston for PAX East next month, be sure to catch our panel: Kotaku's Incredible Fantastic Panel Extravaganza XVIII-2. » 3/13/14 10:20am 3/13/14 10:20am

Have Your Animal Crossing Character Brought To Tiny Life

Edberg Panganiban is now selling maybe the best Christmas stocking stuffer of them all: little resin Animal Crossing figures, hand-painted to match your own character's design. » 11/21/13 12:00am 11/21/13 12:00am