The People Behind Kirby's Epic Yarn Are Making A New Yoshi Game

Just look at that adorable twine Yoshi. This new Yoshi game, made by the folks who made Kirby's Epic Yarn was announced for Wii U this morning. » 1/23/13 9:27am 1/23/13 9:27am

The Best Video Game Costume & Character Design Of 2010

Who were the best dressed, the most memorable and the most visually striking video game characters of 2010? I've made my picks for the best video game costume and character design from the past year, let's see if you agree. » 1/24/11 8:00pm 1/24/11 8:00pm

Kirby's Epic Yarn Gets Patched At Club Nintendo

Nintendo's excessively adorable Wii game Kirby's Epic Yarn provides the latest contribution to America's version of Club Nintendo, two pairs of patches that will embroider their way into your heart. » 12/15/10 3:40pm 12/15/10 3:40pm

Review: Kirby's Epic Yarn

In recent years, top people at Nintendo have vowed, despite scorn and eye-rolls, to make games that keep people smiling. Ignoring the grumps, the company brings us Kirby's Epic Yarn, a Wii testament to the potency of joy. » 10/15/10 1:00pm 10/15/10 1:00pm

Yarn's Epic Kirby

Crocheted amigurumi Kirby doll made by reader Christina K. in anticipation of the launch of Kirby's Epic Yarn. Without a pattern, too!. Kirby looks delightful - and a little like a hacky sack. Don't let him near any hippies, Christina! » 10/15/10 1:00am 10/15/10 1:00am

Let's Sell Kirby's Epic Yarn With A Cross-Dressing Comedian

Japanese comedy duo "Hannya" are appearing in a series of TV ads for Kirby's Epic Yarn. That's comedian Satoshi Kanada dressed as the "girlfriend". » 10/11/10 6:00am 10/11/10 6:00am

New Kirby's Epic Yarn Trailer Is So ~Cuuute~ :D

Because the world was in need of something particularly soft and precious right now, Nintendo of Japan has released a new trailer for its hyper adorable platformer adventure Kirby's Epic Yarn. (It's perfectly acceptable to squeal now.) » 9/02/10 11:30pm 9/02/10 11:30pm

Kirby Helps Me Measure The Distance Between Video Game Pacifism And…

Kirby's Epic Yarn is an adorable game about a pink puffball made of yarn. But we've covered that already. Today's topic: Why does Kirby kill? ... or... Why do I make Kirby kill? » 7/27/10 12:00pm 7/27/10 12:00pm

There Is No Ugly Part Of This Wii Game

Kirby's Epic Yarn is my pick for Best-Looking Game of E3. My pick for Best Game That Looks Like It Was Made Out Of Yarn. My pick for Best Game That Had A Kirby Mech That I Missed. » 6/22/10 10:40am 6/22/10 10:40am

Kirby's Epic Yarn Is E3's Snuggliest Surprise

Kirby is actually getting his own Wii game, Kirby's Epic Yarn. And with all that wool flying around everywhere, it's making me feel very warm on this cold antipodean evening. » 6/18/10 6:30am 6/18/10 6:30am

Kirby Gets His First Game on the Wii

Kirby gets his first game in seven years with Kirby's Epic Yarn on the Wii, a platformer with cloth texture art-style. The game is coming this fall, Nintendo said. » 6/15/10 12:42pm 6/15/10 12:42pm