Athene, The 'Best Gamer In The World,' Is Taking Your Questions Right Now

Surely you've heard of Athene, right? He's the best gamer in the world! He's got all kinds of world records, in everything from World of Warcraft to online poker. He can beat Diablo III's first boss in less than a second. His online fans are legion, and with their help he's farmed the most powerful weapons, beaten… »7/24/12 1:45pm7/24/12 1:45pm

One of Those Teenagers Who Makes Xbox Live Gaming So, Uh, Interesting Will Answer Your Questions Now

We're going to call this kid Reilly. He's 17 but has been infuriating gamers on Xbox Live since he was in the fourth grade. He doesn't just like to beat you at games online, he likes to, in his words, terrorize you. He likes to curse at you, toss in some uglier language. You fill in the blanks. »7/23/12 12:45pm7/23/12 12:45pm

The Mastermind Behind the Ouya Console Is Answering Your Best Questions Right Here

Julie Uhrman want to make a $99 hackable Android-based game console, and now she's got about $5 million in Kickstarter pledges to make that dream a reality. But since news broke about the ambitious Ouya device, many gamers have had many questions. Some have been answered in official interviews; some on Ouya's… »7/19/12 1:15pm7/19/12 1:15pm

A Real-Life Game Clerk Is Answering Your Questions Right Here, Starting at 1pm ET

Ever want to ask a person who sells video games for a living a question? (Other than "Do you know the release date for GTA V?") What does a person who works the register know about video games and the people who play then? What's the worst game they ever recommended to an unwitting shopper? What's it like to be… »7/13/12 12:30pm7/13/12 12:30pm