Kingdom Hearts II.5 HD Remix is Just Like I.5 HD Remix, In a Good Way

Much like the previous HD upgrade collection, Kingdom Hearts I.5 HD Remix, Kingdom Hearts II.5 HD Remix takes 3 previous Kingdom Hearts games and gives them an HD bump-up. Square Enix had a playable demo available at this year's Jump Festa 2014, and Kotaku East was there to experience some HD goodness. » 12/24/13 4:00am 12/24/13 4:00am

Kingdom Hearts χ Is More Than I Expected from a Browser Game

After seeing the Kingdom Hearts III gameplay trailer last week, I was reminded that there was still one Kingdom Hearts title I had yet to play: the browser game Kingdom Hearts χ. I was wary going in but, surprisingly, it managed to exceed my (admittedly low) expectations. » 10/21/13 6:30am 10/21/13 6:30am

Hey, remember that Kingdom Hearts compilation for the PS3? The HD 1.5 Remix? It's still on track for this fall—September 10, specifically. Recently, Square Enix put out a new trailer to show off what the English version plays like. Have a look above, and make sure to check out our review of the Japanese version. » 8/30/13 9:53am 8/30/13 9:53am