Rumor: First "Leaked" Kinect 2 Image Shows Fingers and Head Patting

An image that allegedly shows off Kinect 2 has hit the internet. It not only shows improved depth perception, but a higher level of detail—such as being able to read people's fingers and discern clothing. There's head patting, too. » 8/10/12 6:27am 8/10/12 6:27am

Leak or Hoax, a 56-Page Manifesto Does Get Some Things Right About the …

An apparently two-year-old document, purporting to be an internal overview of Microsoft's plans for the Xbox 360's successor, surfaced overnight, and while many rightly cast doubt on its authenticity, the claims it makes are not too farfetched. Some have even been reported before. » 6/16/12 1:00pm 6/16/12 1:00pm