That New Game From Inafune And The Makers of Metroid Prime Sounds Cool

No offense to the lead creator of Mega Man, but the words “From Keiji Inafune” in the debut trailer for a new Xbox One game called ReCore weren’t what excited me most. It was what came next: “and the makers of Metroid Prime.” And that was before I even found out what the game actually is. » 6/24/15 1:07pm 6/24/15 1:07pm

Mega Man Creator Keiji Inafune Will Answer Your Questions Tonight

Wanna know more about Mighty No. 9, or the history of one of gaming's legendary franchises? Well, you're in luck. Kotaku's next live Q&A will star Keiji Inafune, father of the original Mega Man and its spiritual successor, who also worked on countless other games, including the Onimusha and Dead Rising series. » 9/23/13 8:45am 9/23/13 8:45am