The PlayStation 3 Buyer's Guide

With at least one potential game of the year exclusively nesting on the Playstation 3 and a price drop under its belt, the PS3 has had a pretty darn good year. » 11/26/09 3:00pm 11/26/09 3:00pm

Katamari Forever Review: Nothing More, Nothing Less

Namco Bandai's Katamari Damacy series comes to the PlayStation 3 with Katamari Forever, the sixth entry in the series in five years. Once again, the Prince is tasked with rebuilding the galaxy using his all-adhesive katamari. » 10/08/09 5:40pm 10/08/09 5:40pm

Katamari Forever Gets Nutty New Trailer, Rolls Into PlayStation Home

Continuing their support of Sony's PlayStation Home, Namco Bandai have today announced that they'll be bringing some Katamari Damacy stuff to the PS3 service. » 7/17/09 7:00am 7/17/09 7:00am

Get Your Katamari Forever Soundtrack

From what we've seen of Katamari Forever, it's looking good! But from what we've heard, it's also sounding good, courtesy of its remixed soundtrack. » 7/07/09 4:00am 7/07/09 4:00am

Katamari Forever Tunes Get Chippy

Namco Bandai's heading back to the Katamari mines this year for the PlayStation 3-only release of Katamari Forever—perhaps more aptly named Katamari Damacy Tribute in Japan. That "tribute" aspect is highlighted in its remixed, 8-bit influenced soundtrack. » 6/23/09 3:40pm 6/23/09 3:40pm

Katamari Forever Rolls Up A Preview

I totally forgot Katamari Forever was going to be at E3, but when I trundled up to Namco's booth and saw it languishing unattended, was glad I found myself with half an hour to kill. » 6/06/09 12:30am 6/06/09 12:30am

Katamari Forever Now In 1080p... Forever

This is the year of "all things weird and wonderful" for Namco Bandai, according to Todd Thorson, Director of Marketing and Public Relations – and Katamari Forever on the PlayStation 3 proves it. » 4/29/09 9:20pm 4/29/09 9:20pm