Best Kane & Lynch 2 Glitch So Far

Kane and Lynch take their war on masturbation to the streets. In their adventures they ran into a Chinese man with one thing on his mind. In his defense he just needed one more for the road. Just one more! » 8/20/10 6:40pm 8/20/10 6:40pm

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Review: Grime Story

Partners in crime, Kane and Lynch, meet in Shanghai for one more score. An arms deal goes—how else?—horribly wrong, resulting in death, double-dealings and grisly torture. Kane & Lynch 2 made me sick, perhaps my favorite part. » 8/17/10 9:00am 8/17/10 9:00am

Ice-T Reviews Medal Of Honor's Beta

Rapper and TV cop Ice-T is a man of strong opinions. He is also a man who loves him some video games. So what does he think of Medal of Honor's beta? » 7/30/10 3:30am 7/30/10 3:30am

Kane & Lynch 2 Achievements! Kane & Lynch 2 Achievements Here! Who's…

As we reported earlier, the Kane & Lynch 2 demo is already available for PlayStation Plus subscribers, with the rest of you rabble getting it on July 27. IO Interactive also released the full game's trophy and achievement set today. » 7/23/10 9:40pm 7/23/10 9:40pm

PlayStation Plus Subscribers Get Kane & Lynch 2 Demo a Week Early

If you've bought into PlayStation Plus, on Tuesday you can get the Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days demo shipped to your console via automatic download. Everyone else gets it July 27. » 7/17/10 12:00pm 7/17/10 12:00pm

Following Kotaku On Facebook? Then You Probably Know About Today's…

Are you following Kotaku on Facebook? I hope so! We give away lots of neat things on Facebook. Things like early access to video games and cool swag. And besides getting a chance to win neat prizes, it also makes you instantly super cool and lets you pass around the best of Kotaku's stories. ZU-PEAR COOOOLE!!! » 6/29/10 1:00pm 6/29/10 1:00pm

Kane & Lynch 2 Impressions: Take Cover

The first Kane & Lynch was much like its antihero protagonists - someone whose potential was washed out by dysfunctional and self-destructive traits. IO Interactive's sent the series to rehab and vows it's gotten clean with Kane & Lynch 2. » 6/20/10 1:00pm 6/20/10 1:00pm

Microsoft Changing Xbox 360 Box Art

As we get closer to the release of Project Natal, we get closer to the day the Xbox 360 makes its biggest push yet for an image makeover. Leading the way will box art. » 6/07/10 3:30am 6/07/10 3:30am

Kane & Lynch Devs Were "Bystanders" To Gerstmann Review Fiasco

Jeff Gerstmann, longtime game reviewer and one-time Kotaku podcast guest, is widely seen to have been fired from gaming site GameSpot in 2007 due to his negative review of Kane & Lynch. That game's developers consider the episode "sad." » 1/15/10 1:00pm 1/15/10 1:00pm