From lowly sprite in 1985, to fearsome beast in 2014. Above is concept art from Chaos Reborn, the reboot of 1985's Chaos: The Battle of Wizards, a turn-based strategy game for the ZX Spectrum. Creator Julian Gollop, who also worked on the original X-Com, recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for Chaos Reborn. » 3/17/14 8:30am 3/17/14 8:30am

2012 Is a Time Machine: Original X-Com Developer Rebooting 1985…

Julian Gollop co-created the original X-Com, many years ago, and was not optimistic about the chance of this year's XCOM turning out well. But XCOM turned out to be a smart game and was very well-received. Nearly everyone loves it. » 11/05/12 12:00pm 11/05/12 12:00pm

X-COM Creator Rips Reboot Efforts

As intrigued as I am by what 2K's doing with X-COM—and I freely admit I'm in the minority there—the publisher's recent move to delay that game another year, and release a more traditional turn-based strategy reboot meantime, reek of please-everyone panic. Fans of the original can read between the lines and see an… » 1/21/12 3:00pm 1/21/12 3:00pm