In 70 Or So Years, The Game Grumps Will Be The Game Gramps And This Is Both Funny And Depressing

Are you guys aware of the Game Grumps, a team made up of YouTube personalities Arin (known as egoraptor) and Jon (known as JonTron)? They're great. They play through (mostly) old and horrible games and record their shenanigans for the Internet. And, sometimes, animators and Source filmmakers recreate these… »3/29/13 10:40am3/29/13 10:40am

Kinect Star Wars Is A Terrible Game. But Damn If It Isn't Fun.

Internet personality and brave gamer JonTron plays through yet another terrible game »5/03/12 12:00pm5/03/12 12:00pm for your amusement. This time, it's a game release many fans have feared. Probably the most terrifying aspect of the game is the dancing, which we so lovingly made these of so that you can relive those moments over, and over,…