What the Next PlayStation and Xbox Need to Get Right

Skittles or Steak? I hate to admit it, but I like both. For me, it is not a choice. Nothing quite works like a steak for dinner. But, when I go to the movies, and I want to indulge, it’s Skittles for me. It is a bit embarrassing to admit. For me, it’s Skittles and Steak. I like both. You must be wondering what this… » 5/20/13 12:00pm 5/20/13 12:00pm

The Best John Riccitiello Jokes Twitter Has To Offer

EA's CEO John Riccitiello has stepped down. And so of course, the fact that he's got a difficult-to-spell name, combined with the general level of dislike EA has earned in the wake of SimCity's disastrous launch, means that jokers the world over have been quick to hop on the joke train and joke it up with their jokes. » 3/18/13 7:00pm 3/18/13 7:00pm

How Long Will EA's CEO Sit on the Hot Seat in 2013?

The company's share price dropped by a third in the past year, and expensive incursions into mobile and social games development haven't yet panned out. Adding insult to injury, Electronic Arts was booted out of the NASDAQ-100 Index for poor performance. Figure in the continuing decline of video game sales on… » 12/29/12 6:00pm 12/29/12 6:00pm

EA: Social Games Aren't Dying, But Consumers 'Won't Pay for Crap'

With player numbers dropping and the recent revelation that 85 percent stop playing after the first day, a shadow hangs over the once ridiculously profitable social gaming scene. Speaking today at App Conference in San Jose, Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello said that the decline of social gaming is overplayed;… » 10/19/12 3:55pm 10/19/12 3:55pm

BulleTrain's Open Letter To EA Still Leaves Many Missing The Memo

About a year and a half ago, Pandemic Studios - you may remember them for Full Spectrum Warrior, Mercenaries and Star Wars: Battlefront - was shuttered by Electronic Arts, which bought the studio in 2007. Four developers who were pink-slipped formed Downsized Games, and BulleTrain, released late last year for iOS… » 4/18/11 8:00am 4/18/11 8:00am

Hope You Like Ads, Because Battlefield 3 Will Shovel Lots at You

This may have been a prediction. It sure as hell sounds like a threat. This year, Activision and Electronic Arts will both spend more on the marketing for two games than many publishers will ever spend on developing one, said Electronic Arts' CEO. As he was speaking to a conference of advertisers, it was surely music… » 4/06/11 5:20pm 4/06/11 5:20pm