​Jeopardy! Contestant Is Hated For Playing Like Nobody Else

You think you know how to play Jeopardy!, don't you? Answer in the form of a question, study your butt off, capitalize on anything that feels trendy, and press the buzzer when Trebek stops yapping, not before. It's worked for hundreds of people. But a new champion is showing that there's a better way, using game… »2/03/14 12:30pm2/03/14 12:30pm

This Merv Griffin Created Game Show Hits PlayStation Network Tomorrow

What is Jeopardy! »9/10/08 5:40pm9/10/08 5:40pm? Sony Online Entertainment will be bringing the classic answer and question game show to North American PlayStation 3 owners tomorrow, September 11, bringing with it 2,500 clues, online multiplayer with voice chat and, as you can see, some rather creepy character customization. There's no mention of…