Scare Yourself to Sleep with this Dead Space Night Light

Dead Space 2 Isaac Clarke Lamp, by DeviantArt's TeamLando. Sculpted for a contest and a friend, says the Lando bros. "Nothing fancy, just super sculpey, acrylic paint and LED-shoelaces, with 70 hours worth of batteries in the back," say the creators. » 2/26/11 5:00pm 2/26/11 5:00pm

Dead Space 2 Is a Dark Journey Through Hell in Space

Dead Space 2 is more of what you loved in the first game: More dismembering bodies, more freakishly frightening creatures, more zero-G. » 6/24/10 11:40am 6/24/10 11:40am

Dead Skate: Code Unlocks Isaac and Board

Seen this screen on Skate 3's Facebook page? You might be wondering how to get Dead Space's Isaac Clark into the game. No, he's not DLC, there's a code for that, actually. » 5/23/10 4:00pm 5/23/10 4:00pm