Amir Hekmati, U.S. born one-time game developer jailed in Iran since 2011 for allegedly engaging in espionage for the CIA, has been given a 10-year prison termfollowing a secret retrial which took place in December. He had originally been sentenced to death, a ruling overturned in 2012. » 4/12/14 11:30am 4/12/14 11:30am

When You Have to Hide Your Identity to Make a Video Game

Usually, it's the characters in the video games themselves that have the code names. Agent 47. Solid Snake. The Illusive Man. But, here in real life, a young Iranian artist working on a game has fled his homeland and hides his identity, all so he can do the thing he's always dreamed of. » 2/02/14 5:30pm 2/02/14 5:30pm

The United States Government Kindly Asks Iran To Free Imprisoned…

The United States government commemorated the one-year anniversary of Iran's imprisonment of American-citizen/former-Marine/former-game-developer/accused-spy Amir Hekmati by asking for his release. » 8/29/12 11:25am 8/29/12 11:25am

They Couldn't Kill Salman Rushdie in Real Life, So They're Making a…

On February 14, 1989, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issued a fatwā against Salman Rushdie, calling for the assassination of the British Indian author of The Satanic Verses. Seeing as Rushdie is still alive, it didn't go so well. Now a state-sponsored Iranian student organization plans on correcting that oversight with » 6/29/12 9:30am 6/29/12 9:30am

America Scared of Iran's Video Games, Says Iran

Iran's mastery of the Unity engine may not have gotten the attention of the United Nations Security Council, but games like Gando (pictured above) sure have spooked 'Murica, according to Iranian government sources quoted in a report published by Iran. » 6/24/12 12:00pm 6/24/12 12:00pm

When Grand Theft Auto Let Iranian Teenagers Do Things They Could Only…

It's a proud part of American mythology that people from all over the world get to come here and pursue their dreams. Navid Khonsari has one of those stories. The Iranian-American used to work at Rockstar Games as cinematic director, where he helped steer the vision on games like The Warriors, Midnight Club II and » 6/21/12 4:00pm 6/21/12 4:00pm

Game Developer Sentenced to Death in Iran Asks Obama for Intervention

Amir Hekmati, the U.S.-born game developer sentenced to death in Iran for allegedly engaging in espionage for the CIA, has asked the Obama administration to do whatever it takes, including a prisoner-transfer, to save him from execution. » 2/08/12 5:00pm 2/08/12 5:00pm

Alleged Iranian Spy 'Confesses' that U.S. Video Game Company is CIA…

When Iranian state TV aired the alleged confession of a homegrown spy on Sunday night, Amir Mirza Hekmati's recitation of supposed wrongdoings included the standard claims of working as mole for the American Government along with a less common twist: that he'd supposedly worked for a video game company that was… » 12/19/11 4:30pm 12/19/11 4:30pm