The Contents of Resident Evil's 15th Anniversary Deluxe, Japan-Only Box…

Japanese Resident Evil fans received a very posh box set for the PlayStation 3 earlier this month, stuffing 15 years' worth of zombie horror history—across five core Resident Evil games—in very slick packaging. See its horrors unboxed in the video above, for getting your hands on it might be a challenge. » 9/19/11 7:30pm 9/19/11 7:30pm

Uncensored Import Version Of MK vs. DCU Up For Pre-order

If you really want to play Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe but can't, in good conscience, do so without being able to shoot people in the face with the Joker, you're going to have to go Euro. The North American T-rated version of MK vs. DCU has been toned down to remove on-screen bullets to the head, but the region-free… » 11/12/08 7:30pm 11/12/08 7:30pm

US Importer Offering Yearly Subscriptions To Famitsu

The source for all things video game related in Japan, Famtisu, can be yours to enjoy on a weekly basis. National Console Support began offering year long subscriptions to the Japanese language mag a few weeks ago in North America, for not outlandish prices. Your cheapest option is a bit over $9 an issue. » 8/08/08 5:40pm 8/08/08 5:40pm