Why You Haven't Seen Any New Macross in the West for Nearly 15 Years

The last six years have been a real renaissance for the Macross franchise in Japan. There has been an incredibly popular anime series, three movies, and seven games. The latest in the series is the incredibly ambitious Macross 30, a game that combines 30 years of Macross characters and lore into a new and original… »3/15/13 6:00am3/15/13 6:00am

Sega Wants to Know If We Want This Virtual Idol Rhythm Game in the West. Yes, Please.

We've covered Sega's Hatsune Miku-powered rhythm game Project Diva - F for the PlayStation Vita and PS3 quite a lot here at Kotaku, but all of that coverage has been from afar, courtesy of the kindly Kotaku East crew. Now Sega's wondering if North America and Europe wouldn't mind a closer look. »3/07/13 1:15pm3/07/13 1:15pm

Evangelion 64: An Ancient Tale of Importing During the Dawn of the Internet

Neon Genesis Evangelion »11/16/12 7:00am11/16/12 7:00am is one of my favorite anime and the first that ever really forced me to work for understanding. Back in high school, it was the anime I always recommended to others, and I have watched it countless times in the years since. Needless to say, I was (and perhaps am still) a little obsessed. Over…