Developers Accused of Cloning Luftrausers Say Luftrausers Is a Clone

Two days ago, dev studio RubiqLab found themselves the subject of much scorn, thanks to the unseemly resemblance between their game SkyFar and Vlambeer’s long-ago-announced Luftrausers. They responded to their critics by saying that they’ve been working on SkyFar for a year and cited U.S. copyright law. Now, RubiqLab… »4/24/13 6:00pm4/24/13 6:00pm


Outraged Torchlight Maker Calls Out Blatant Ripoff Sold on—Where Else—iPhone App Store [Update]

Armed Heroes Online, a game released last week to the Canadian iTunes store, is one of the most blatant cases of theft I have ever seen in an iOS app or game, and considering the shitshow of fakes and ripoffs that store is, that's saying a lot. Nearly every visual asset in this game is taken directly from the… »7/14/12 1:00pm7/14/12 1:00pm

Eighteen-Year-Old Developer: "F**K F**K F**K THEY CLONED MY GAME"

Mattia Traverso's eighteen years old. But that didn't stop him from having his first-ever video game be about love. One and One Story's a puzzle platformer where the narration changes depending on what you do. Millions of other people tried out it as a Flash game and gave it love right back. Someone out there loved… »3/16/12 3:30pm3/16/12 3:30pm

Bogus Pokémon Yellow Game Is Now Number Two on the Apple App Store

Early this morning, we wrote about the surprise appearance of a Pokémon game on Apple's iOS storefront. Y'know, the one that's apparently a broken scam? Despite that, developer QEAB's Pokemon Yellow is sitting at #2 on the App Store's Paid Apps chart, right behind the fully-functional and actually-pretty-good Grand… »2/20/12 4:04pm2/20/12 4:04pm