Maintain Your Own Consoles (And PC) Like A Boss

iFixit, the website that loves to take things apart, has come up with their own electronics refurbishment kit. And I really want one, even though I'd have no idea what the hell I'd be doing. » 3/07/14 12:00am 3/07/14 12:00am

How The PlayStation 4 Comes Apart

Now that the iFixIt folks are finished with their live launch-day teardown of the PS4, they've posted a lovely video showing us how easy it is to get to the new console's delicious innards, and the bits that might cut you. » 11/15/13 11:39am 11/15/13 11:39am

Take a Peek at What’s Inside the New Xbox 360

Sure, everyone’s talking about the Xbox One this week. But it’s not the only new piece of Xbox hardware MIcrosoft showed this week. The tech giant also announced a newly-redesigned Xbox 360 e model, one that’s styled to match the Xbox One’s shiny/matte exterior. But what’s underneath the hard plastic shell? iFixit set… » 6/13/13 5:00pm 6/13/13 5:00pm

What's Inside An Atari 2600?

To celebrate the launch of video game repair guides, do-it-yourself repair website iFixit is tearing down old video game consoles all week long. Today they give us a peek at what's inside the classic Atari 2600. » 9/01/10 12:20pm 9/01/10 12:20pm

Want To Repair Your Own Game Consoles?

Do-it-yourself electronics repair website iFixit is putting repair power in the hands of players, with the release of more than 200 different crowd-sourced repair manuals for twenty-four game consoles, with parts available to get the job done mostly right. » 8/30/10 1:20pm 8/30/10 1:20pm

DSi XL Torn Apart, Just So You Can See What Its Insides Look Like

That DSi XL thinks it's so smug, with its big screens and its enormous stylus. What it needs is to be taken down a peg or two. Have its guts ripped out, let the internet feast on its insides. » 3/29/10 3:30am 3/29/10 3:30am