With iPad and iCade Combined, a Classic Game Console is Reborn

Rantmedia games and ION have given me back a substantial portion of my childhood — the early days when I could be found sitting in front of an odd black box playing simple vector-based games with a controller connected via coiled telephone cord. So the controller isn't corded this time around. Between the Vectrex… »12/12/12 4:55pm12/12/12 4:55pm


iCade Houses Your iPhone in the D-pad Dock of Your Dreams

iCade, the iPad accessory that started as a April Fool's Day joke evolves into an all-new form just announced at CES 2012. iCade Mobile lets you slide your iPhone or iPod Touch into a d-pad style sheath that provides physical inputs for your on-the-go gaming. You'll get four face buttons and two shoulder buttons. Now… »1/09/12 2:00pm1/09/12 2:00pm