With iPad and iCade Combined, a Classic Game Console is Reborn

Rantmedia games and ION have given me back a substantial portion of my childhood — the early days when I could be found sitting in front of an odd black box playing simple vector-based games with a controller connected via coiled telephone cord. So the controller isn't corded this time around. Between the Vectrex… » 12/12/12 4:55pm 12/12/12 4:55pm

iCade Houses Your iPhone in the D-pad Dock of Your Dreams

iCade, the iPad accessory that started as a April Fool's Day joke evolves into an all-new form just announced at CES 2012. iCade Mobile lets you slide your iPhone or iPod Touch into a d-pad style sheath that provides physical inputs for your on-the-go gaming. You'll get four face buttons and two shoulder buttons. Now… » 1/09/12 2:00pm 1/09/12 2:00pm

Retired iPad Dabbler

This armchair gamer doesn't only have an iPad, he or she has all the time in the world. They are retired—in their golden years. Instead of just taking up golf, they've also taken up the iPad. » 11/29/11 3:00pm 11/29/11 3:00pm

I'm A Little in Love With My New iPad Arcade Machine

Last night I sat in front of an arcade machine in a darkened room of my house and played '80s arcade games until well past midnight. » 5/25/11 10:00am 5/25/11 10:00am

iCade Makes Your iPad Feel Like A Real Arcade Machine

What began life as an April Fool's Day joke is now a real product at CES 2011. This is Ion Audio and Think Geek's iCade, the mini arcade cabinet for your iPad. » 1/06/11 10:00pm 1/06/11 10:00pm