Honda CR-Z Gets Mild Update And Now It Looks Like A Weird Super Mario 2 Boss

Honda has taken their CR-Z sporty-ish(?)/hybrid coupé and given it a mild facelift, with the hopes of taking it from selling like hotcakes that have been urinated on by a dog to selling like hotcakes that have hardly any urine on them at all. And, from what we can tell, the design inspiration came from a Nintendo game. »11/02/15 8:08pm11/02/15 8:08pm


Watch This Narrated Comic About Honda's Origins In English Or Japanese

Comics are ubiquitous in Japan. Known as “manga” (漫画, マンガ), they are used not just for entertainment, but also for education and promotional materials. Many big Japanese corporations have manga for marketing purposes, and Nissan’s current CEO Carlo Ghosn even has his own! But if flipping pages is too much work for… »5/26/15 6:47am5/26/15 6:47am