THQ Is Gone. Now What The Hell Happened To Homeworld?

It's easy to have lost sight of it amongst the more contemporary series flying off to new owners today, but for me, one of the most important prizes up for grabs in the great THQ auction was the fate of the Homeworld series, which even ten years since its last release remains one of the most beloved and respected PC… » 1/24/13 12:00am 1/24/13 12:00am

Former Homeworld Developers Are Making A New Sci-Fi Game

Over the past ten years, ever since we saw the last of the critically-acclaimed Homeworld series, a number of key developers working on games for developers Relic left the studio. Many of them have now settled in at a new home, Blackbird Interactive, where they're working on "an ambitious and original sci-fi social… » 12/23/11 6:01am 12/23/11 6:01am

Homeworld 3? "There's Always That Chance." Say Relic

Less than a month after the official closure of the Homeworld 1 servers, Relic have let slip a few little hints (ok, big hints) about possible future installments. Speaking to Eurogamer TV, Relic's lead designer Jonny Ebbert confirmed that the company was pleased that THQ had regained the Homeworld IP and that there… » 11/24/08 8:20pm 11/24/08 8:20pm