Here's Portal Running On The 3DS. Pity Valve Didn't Make It.

Hey, remember Portal on the DS? Well, Portal (or at least a demo of it) is now also on the 3DS. It's not an official Valve product, of course—as if Valve would ever make another video game!—but it still does the job. » 3/26/15 7:00pm Thursday 7:00pm

Portal on the DS: Aperture Science, the homebrewed version of Portal for the DS shown off back in February, now has a "mostly playable" version. You'll need a flash cart to play it, but the file can be found here. » 8/25/13 6:30pm 8/25/13 6:30pm

DS Homebrewing Still Going Strong with Portal Adaptation

The DS still is home to a robust homebrew scene, as we see here in this Portal port that modder Smealum has been working on for about the past six months. "Still nowhere near playable," he writes under the latest video, but it's brought along Portal staples like turrets, cubes, switches and energy balls. » 2/11/13 5:00pm 2/11/13 5:00pm

This Brand New Neo Geo Game Will Make You Move Your TV

From the same guys who brought you Gunlord, comes NEO XYX, a shooter for the Neo Geo that...yes, this will be a Neo Geo game. On a cartridge and everything. » 9/23/12 11:00pm 9/23/12 11:00pm

People are Already Playing Genesis Games on the PlayStation Vita

Oh look. It's Genesis game Sonic & Knuckles running on the PlayStation Vita, a handheld that's been out for less than a month. » 1/02/12 2:00am 1/02/12 2:00am

How to Play Your Xenoblade Import on a North American Wii

Xenoblade Chronicles is out in English right now, but Nintendo of America doesn't seem keen to let North American's play it, so they can't. Not unless they import a copy from Europe and follow Joystiq's guide for soft modding Nintendo's Wii to play imports. » 8/22/11 10:40am 8/22/11 10:40am

It's Minecraft, (Sort of) Running On the Nintendo DS

A DS homebrew developer by the name of smealum is taking indie smash Minecraft and bringing it to Nintendo's portable system. Unofficially, of course. » 7/14/11 6:30am 7/14/11 6:30am

If the Dreamcast is Dead, Don't Tell These Guys

The Dreamcast isn't dead. It's resting. The Sega console keeps getting new games thanks to homebrew developers like Redspotgames and NG:DEV.TEAM who continue to support the Dreamcast, years after Sega gave up. » 5/13/11 8:30am 5/13/11 8:30am

PS3 Hacker Being Sued For "Making Sony Mad"

Click to viewGeorge "GeoHot" Hotz, the hacker who helped blow the doors off the PlayStation 3's copy protection system, is being sued by Sony. Why? Because, he says, he made them mad. » 1/14/11 12:00am 1/14/11 12:00am

Here's What Homebrew Looks Like On A PS3

Hacker George "GeoHot" Hotz, who along with the fail0verflow team have in the past week cracked the PS3 wide open, has posted up a video showing the exploits in action. » 1/08/11 2:00am 1/08/11 2:00am

See Kingdom Hearts Running On A PSPgo

The fact you can't buy Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep on the PSPgo highlights one of the bigger problems with Sony's struggling handheld. It also helps explain why piracy is so rampant on the portable device. » 12/29/10 2:30am 12/29/10 2:30am

Thanks Homebrew, For the Adult Nintendo DS Games

Your parents die. But your fate changes when a millionaire adopts you, and you move into her mansion with her and her daughters. Then...yeah. » 5/27/10 2:00am 5/27/10 2:00am

At Least The Zune HD Can Play Game Boy Titles

Microsoft's support for the Zune HD as a game playing device has been pretty abysmal. Luckily there are hackers, one of which has the beginnings of a serviceable Game Boy Advance emulator working on the device. » 5/15/10 12:00pm 5/15/10 12:00pm

Space Invaders: From Game to Cartoon to Game

It's Wednesday night. You have no date, a two-liter bottle of Shasta, your all-Rush mixtape, and, now, this impossibly good Space Invaders clone built on Futurama's epic "Raiders of the Lost Arcade" vignette from the third season of Futurama. » 12/30/09 10:00pm 12/30/09 10:00pm

Kick Off 2010 With A Brand New NES Game

Champagne, pointy hats and Auld Lang Syne are for suckers. You want to kick off the new year in style, you do it by buying a brand new game for the NES. » 12/29/09 3:00am 12/29/09 3:00am

Well, The DSi Didn't Stay Piracy-Free For Long

I've always suspected that whole point of the Nintendo DSi - and its online firmware updates - was not to introduce new features, but to curtail piracy. Fat lot of good it's done them. » 5/13/09 8:30am 5/13/09 8:30am

Now, Any Nerd Can Propose Marriage Via DS Homebrew

The geekiest of romantic gestures used to be limited to those with a knack for assembly and emulation, but thanks to Multiple-Option's Easy Proposal Maker, you too can ask for another's hand in marriage in-game. » 12/16/08 4:40pm 12/16/08 4:40pm

Wii Homebrew Channel Hits The Big v1.00

Many of you have been using the Homebrew Channel for the Wii for a while now. Good for you, it’s a useful, useful thing. But did you know it was, technically, in beta? » 12/09/08 11:40pm 12/09/08 11:40pm