WTPT: This Halo: Reach Sneak Attack Is More Humiliating (and Hilarious) Than Teabagging

We all have our secret moves and special style to playing a particular first-person shooter (I like snipers, for instance), but have you ever tried the Bum Bait move? Rooster Teeth introduces this hilarious move in video form.

I think we can admit that some of our actions in games are predictable. After all,… »3/01/12 12:30pm3/01/12 12:30pm

The Classic Magnum Returns in an Upcoming Halo: Reach Title Update

At PAX's Halo-fest, 343 Industries detailed a coming title update for Halo: Reach, slated for release sometime in October. The title update will balance several of the suit abilities, changing Armor Lock's damage absorption to be based on the amount of energy a player has remaining. It will also shorten the duration… »8/26/11 12:00pm8/26/11 12:00pm