Halo: Reach's UNSC Savannah In LEGO Form

There might not be official Halo LEGO sets, but with its size, builder Nick Brick's fan-build of the UNSC Savannah from Halo: Reach probably would be the crown jewel of such a series. » 9/30/14 8:30am 9/30/14 8:30am

Hints About The Future Of Halo That You May Have Missed

Those who love Halo but only play Halo video games may be oblivious to some of the big developments going on in the series lately. There are big things happening, particularly in the Halo comics, that any Halo fan should know about. » 6/06/14 5:30pm 6/06/14 5:30pm

Halo: Reach Sure Was Pretty Before The Covenant Blew Everything Up

Alex Chin Yu Chu is a Taiwanese-born concept artist living in the US who has worked for companies like Bungie, Firaxis, LEGO and Eidos. » 5/27/13 2:00am 5/27/13 2:00am

When Video Game Trolling Is A Good Thing

The timer ticks down toward zero. We tear across the Boneyard, one of Halo: Reach's best multiplayer maps, my good friend Rus driving with me sitting shotgun. I'm clutching the blue flag in hands that would be sweating if they were real. We shed our red teammates like skin; they race past us going the other direction… » 5/18/13 9:00am 5/18/13 9:00am

This Is The World's Most Fabulous Halo Action Figure

It's large, detailed and expensive as only a threeA figure could be, but then, Halo is a series that's long deserved this kind of top-shelf action figure. » 4/29/13 1:00am 4/29/13 1:00am

A Halo Easter Egg That Took Years To Discover

The people at Bungie are famous for putting obscure Easter Eggs into their games. Halo's creators have packed the massive sci-fi shooter franchise with all sorts of references and secrets, and fans love finding them. » 2/27/13 12:00pm 2/27/13 12:00pm

Damn, Halo Action Figures Just Got Classy

A few companies have tried their hands at Halo action figures over the years. McFarlane is one. Square Enix another. Well, you can now add Hong Kong outfit threeA toys - only the best damn toy company on the planet - to the list. » 4/24/12 8:15am 4/24/12 8:15am

WTPT: This Halo: Reach Sneak Attack Is More Humiliating (and Hilarious)…

We all have our secret moves and special style to playing a particular first-person shooter (I like snipers, for instance), but have you ever tried the Bum Bait move? Rooster Teeth introduces this hilarious move in video form.

I think we can admit that some of our actions in games are predictable. After all,… » 3/01/12 12:30pm 3/01/12 12:30pm

New Halo: Reach Figures Capture Tiny Little Flags

Next month, McFarlane will release what feels like the 117th series of Halo toys, this time based on the characters and bad guys from Halo: Reach. » 1/02/12 8:00am 1/02/12 8:00am

A Halo: Reach Recreation of Resident Evil's Most Infamous Location

It might not seem familiar at first, but once you start wandering the corridors you'll realize that this is a faithful scale recreation of Resident Evil's Spencer Mansion crafted using the creation tools from Halo: Reach. » 12/05/11 5:00pm 12/05/11 5:00pm

Get an Xbox 360, Three Games, and 3-Month Xbox Live Card for $319

Starting Nov. 27, "Cyber Week" gets underway at Walmart. So before you rush out to the stores, you might want to look at the deals Walmart is offering. » 11/25/11 8:30am 11/25/11 8:30am

Halo: Reach Picks Up Anniversary's Maps Next Week

If you have last year's Halo: Reach and aren't interested in the Halo: Anniversary high-definition remastering of the original game, you still can get up the four classic multiplayer maps shipping with it. » 11/10/11 11:00pm 11/10/11 11:00pm

An Advanced Class in How to be a Giant Dickbag in Halo: Reach

I'm not above a good multiplayer betrayal every now and then. I use my color-blindness as an excuse the way a good forum troll uses Asperger's or agoraphobia. But this guy, UnstoppableLuck, takes it to the next level. » 9/30/11 9:30pm 9/30/11 9:30pm

Dashboard Beta Testers Get Free Digital Halo: Reach to Replace Borked…

The recent title update to Halo: Reach has rendered unplayable the free disc version of the game given to Xbox Live dashboard beta participants earlier this year. Rather than say tough luck, Microsoft is giving all of them a free digital copy of the game. » 9/24/11 12:00am 9/24/11 12:00am

This Halo Helmet Looks Good Enough for the Movie They'll Never Make

The way it's looking there'll never be a Halo movie. Ah well! So long as regular humans keep making killer props like this, we're free to imagine our own. Which is always for the best, because then, they never end up sucking. » 9/05/11 7:00pm 9/05/11 7:00pm

The Classic Magnum Returns in an Upcoming Halo: Reach Title Update

At PAX's Halo-fest, 343 Industries detailed a coming title update for Halo: Reach, slated for release sometime in October. The title update will balance several of the suit abilities, changing Armor Lock's damage absorption to be based on the amount of energy a player has remaining. It will also shorten the duration… » 8/26/11 12:00pm 8/26/11 12:00pm

Hey Ben Affleck, This Movie Sounds Stupid!

Ben Affleck is in negotiations to star in thriller Line of Sight, which will be produced by legendary action flick producer Joel Silver. Okay, so far, so good. The movie follows an elite group of commandos transporting cargo and dealing with a global threat. That's kind of vanilla, but maybe they'll make it work. » 8/24/11 11:40am 8/24/11 11:40am

Classic Halo Map "Blood Gulch" Re-Created in Minecraft

Aah, such fond memories of Blood Gulch. It was easily the most enjoyable CTF map in the original Halo, and it's never been far from Halo players' hearts; it's even playable in Halo: Reach. » 8/15/11 11:00pm 8/15/11 11:00pm

Catch MLG Anaheim Live on Pro Gaming's Biggest Weekend of the Year

Three huge events figure to make this weekend one of the biggest ever in competitive video gaming: the EVO World Championships, the GSL Finals and, underway right now, MLG Anaheim. Reminder: MLG Anaheim's championship round is underway now. You may see it here. » 7/31/11 1:37pm 7/31/11 1:37pm