Destiny's Hardest Boss, Killed In Under 20 Seconds

Sure, you can glitch Atheon off the cliff by yourself with a few grenades, but apparently even that isn't as fast as four players wailing on him with exotic rocket launchers. Also, clips from World of Warcraft, Alien: Isolation, Halo 2 and more! » 10/17/14 2:30pm 10/17/14 2:30pm

Halo Collection "Terminal" Trailer Brings More Arbiter Love

Debuting during a panel at this weekend's Rooster Teeth Expo in Austin, Texas, the "Terminal" trailer for the Halo: Master Chief Collection gives Keith David's Arbiter even more words to say, so it wins. » 7/05/14 5:21pm 7/05/14 5:21pm

Halo 2's PC Multiplayer Shuts Off Feb. 15

With the population peaking "consistently at approximately 20 players or less," Halo 2's PC multiplayer has been given one month to live. 343 Industries yesterday said the servers will be turned off on Feb. 15. » 1/17/13 10:40am 1/17/13 10:40am

This Halo Concept Art is so Old it's Drawn on Paper

Lovers of Halo (or of art in the most traditional sense) should dig these images from artist Eddie Smith, who over the years has worked on several games in the epic sci-fi saga. » 8/09/12 11:30pm 8/09/12 11:30pm

Halo 2 High-Definition Remake Said to be In Development

The latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine UK says that 343 Industries, maker of last year's Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary (and, of course, this year's all-new Halo 4), has similar plans for Halo 2. » 7/08/12 2:00pm 7/08/12 2:00pm

The Second Wave of Halo Anniversary Edition Toys Gets Animated

How many different Master Chief figures can McFarlane Toys make? Oh they're just getting started. The company recently announced series two of the Halo Anniversary Edition figures, featuring the white-striped version of John 117 from the animated Halo Legends short "The Package". » 10/25/11 4:40pm 10/25/11 4:40pm

Halo 2's "Headlong" Gets a Stunning Anniversary Makeover

With excellent sniping spots and what amounts to a vehicular combat arena at the bottom, Halo 2's "Headlong" multiplayer map is reborn as "Breakneck" in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. Bask in the glorious gameplay footage and screens, plus get a peek at the very first Halo campaign level in all its remastered glory. » 9/14/11 12:40pm 9/14/11 12:40pm

The Halo Toy Box Set Charting the History of Master Chief

Action figures normally aren't funny, but McFarlane's Halo Anniversary piece is good for a chuckle. Better still, it'll also be sold as part of a three-pack, each figure depicting Master Chief as he's appeared in the three main Halo games. » 7/18/11 4:30am 7/18/11 4:30am

Video Games Improve Marijuana Performance 43%

There aren't many things that marijuana users say weed can't make better. Take this guy I used to know. His name was Mike. Every once in a while we'd hang out with a few other guys and play ridiculous amounts of Halo 2. Occasionally Mike would light up during our fragfests. » 7/08/11 2:20pm 7/08/11 2:20pm

A Look Inside The Art of Building The Halo Universe

With the ten year anniversary of the release of the original Xbox shooter Halo looming, Titan Books is preparing to publish a collection of art from the series. » 5/10/11 2:00pm 5/10/11 2:00pm

The Real Voice Of Halo Is Not Who You'd Expect

This is veteran actor Jeff Steitzer. He's done Broadway. Law & Order. Oh, and if you've ever played Halo, chances are you've heard his voice more than Master Chief's, Sgt. Johnson's and Cortana's combined. » 3/29/11 1:00am 3/29/11 1:00am

Why Halo's Master Chief Is So Damn Empty

Gaming has characters with memorable personalities. But Master Chief, the protagonist of the Halo series, is a total void. And there's a reason for that. » 2/02/11 8:00am 2/02/11 8:00am

Is Minecraft's Halo Homage A Remake Or A De-Make?

Super Mario Bros.? Check. Portal? Check. What's next for Minecraft? Halo, inevitably. Here's "Halocraft," a PvP arena homage to Halo 2's Lockout map. Modified textures and sounds, if not the graphics, complete the look and feel of the original. » 1/27/11 8:30pm 1/27/11 8:30pm

WikiLeaks' Next Scandal Is...A Halo 3 Collaboration

It seems like an age ago, but the whole WikiLeaks furore kicked off earlier this year with footage of American forces shooting Iraqi civilians. The offending chopper pilots were accused, appropriately, of behaving like they were playing a video game. » 12/17/10 12:00am 12/17/10 12:00am

The Master Chief Is in Halo: Reach After All

Color me surprised, especially since I played through the game twice and didn't notice him, but the Master Chief does appear to make a quick cameo in the end of Halo: Reach. » 9/16/10 9:00pm 9/16/10 9:00pm

The Last Man to Play Halo 2 on Xbox Live

He is Apache N4SIR. Nearly a month after Microsoft shut down the original Xbox Live, he was one of the Noble 14 who kept their connections running. Their numbers slowly dwindled, and today, he was the last Spartan standing. » 5/10/10 10:30pm 5/10/10 10:30pm

Microsoft Will Never Kill Halo 2 (It'll Just Watch It Die)

Despite the "death" of the original Xbox Live, a small band of fanatics are keeping the dream alive by leaving their Halo 2 accounts logged in. You'd think Microsoft would be pissed, but surprisingly, no. » 5/03/10 3:30am 5/03/10 3:30am

Halo 2 Diehards Lured With Halo: Reach Beta Codes

Microsoft sent Halo: Reach beta codes to the last dozen still playing Halo 2 more than two weeks after multiplayer support was shut off for the original Xbox. Maybe it's a hint to finally disconnect and play something else? » 4/30/10 6:20pm 4/30/10 6:20pm