DJ Hero, Guitar Hero Downloads Dry Up

Publisher Activision is getting out of the Hero business. That means no new DJ Hero and Guitar Hero games (at least for 2011), but it also means no new downloadable songs for the games it has already released. » 2/10/11 7:30pm 2/10/11 7:30pm

Music Games Will Make A Comeback, But How Is A Mystery

Rock Band and Guitar Hero aren't the sensations they used to be. That doesn't mean they're bad. Not Rock Band 3. But they're not the cultural phenomenons they once were. That's temporary, according to a man who should know. » 11/30/10 3:00pm 11/30/10 3:00pm

Achievement Hunter Reaches Her Ultimate Goal

Last year, we profiled Kristen, the stay-at-home mom whose 165,000 Gamerscore made her the No. 5 female worldwide. She set 200,000 as a retirement mark. Monday, she reached it. Does she still plan to put the controller down? » 11/03/10 6:20pm 11/03/10 6:20pm

Review: Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

The once-prolific Guitar Hero series sees just one major release this year. Once upon a time, we could expect publisher Activision to pump out five or more guitar-based games a year. In 2010, there is only Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. » 10/01/10 10:30pm 10/01/10 10:30pm

Fake Gene Simmons Ushers Fake Guitar Into Hard Rock Hall Of Fame

Kiss super-fan Kevin Curtis welcomes the first gaming guitar into the Hard Rock Hall of Fame, celebrating the imminent launch of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. » 9/23/10 11:40am 9/23/10 11:40am

Guitar Hero Randomly Inserted Into Soundgarden Video

Soundgarden's album Telephantasm will be inside the first million copies of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock on September 28, so someone felt obligated to include the game in this animated video for the previously unreleased song "Black Rain." » 9/20/10 5:20pm 9/20/10 5:20pm

It's Double Demo Day For DJ Hero 2 And Warriors Of Rock

Activision pimps its two upcoming rhythm games today with four-song demos for DJ Hero 2 and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, featuring music from Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Black Sabbath, and Dethklok. Not all at once, of course. » 9/07/10 11:40am 9/07/10 11:40am

Meanwhile, the Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock demo allows players to experience the game's…

Warriors Of Rock Adds Eleven New Artists To Guitar Hero

You might have seen them in other rhythm games, but Queensrÿche, Tesla, Neil Young, and eight other artists are making their Guitar Hero debut in Warriors of Rock this fall. » 8/11/10 5:00pm 8/11/10 5:00pm

New Soundgarden Album Packed Inside Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock

Soundgarden is releasing their first album in 13 years on October 5, but you can get Telephantasm: A Retrospective a week earlier, packed inside launch copies of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. » 8/03/10 12:20pm 8/03/10 12:20pm

All You Need To Know About Warriors Of Rock's Quest Mode

Technically all you need to know about the Quest Mode in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is that Gene Simmons from Kiss is in it, but some additional information on the Warriors and their powers doesn't hurt. » 7/29/10 4:20pm 7/29/10 4:20pm

Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock Also Features These 22 Tunes

In addition to more than 20 minutes worth of Rush, the next Guitar Hero will feature these 22 newly revealed songs, ranging from the darn good Blue Oyster Cult's "Burnin' For You" to the ear-searing "Unskinny Bop" by Poison. » 7/26/10 6:40pm 7/26/10 6:40pm

The Next Guitar Hero Ends On An Epic, 20 Minute Long Note

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, the latest entry in Activision's rhythm game series that also features a story-driven "Quest Mode," will test your endurance with one of the longest Rush songs on catalog, the epic overture "2112." » 7/20/10 9:00pm 7/20/10 9:00pm

Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock, Act One

Activision's compiled a nifty clip showing off some previous revealed music from the upcoming Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, so let's let the bodies hit the floor, get our money for nothing, and pour some sugar on this rock montage. » 7/08/10 7:30pm 7/08/10 7:30pm

GameStop Has Your Guitar Hero Axe

Every bundle of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock that ships this fall will come with Activision's new removable wing guitar controller, but only by preordering at GameStop will you score the axe of power. » 6/29/10 2:40pm 6/29/10 2:40pm

The Curtain Rises On Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock

Activision reveals the next entry in the Guitar Hero franchise, Warriors of Rock, featuring more than 90 tracks, a Gene Simmons-powered quest mode, and new challenges for every track in the Guitar Hero catalog. Check out the first 35 tracks! » 6/04/10 9:44am 6/04/10 9:44am

The Next Guitar Hero Will Send You On A Legendary Quest

Guitar Hero is changing course with Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, a music game with some unexpected additions, including a story-driven quest mode that involves a group of heavy metal warriors seeking a legendary guitar and a battle with The Beast. » 5/27/10 8:00pm 5/27/10 8:00pm

Guitar Hero 6 Is A Warrior Of Rock, Apparently

Unlike the previous title, Activision's next Guitar Hero game won't be numbered, so it won't be called "Guitar Hero 6". It'll be called "Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock". » 5/26/10 12:00am 5/26/10 12:00am