The Surprising Messages In A 'Sexist' Game

When Hyperdimension Neptunia first made its way West from Japan in 2011, folks weren't too happy with it. "Worthless" and "sexist" and "stereotypical" were the sentiments thrown around, because we were seeing cute anime girls being silly and wearing short skirts. But the stated purpose of the series is to make fun of… » 7/25/14 5:00pm 7/25/14 5:00pm

Your Guide To Evo 2014, The Year's Biggest Fighting Game Tournament

We're coming up on Evo, the biggest fighting game tournament in America. It will run Friday to Sunday from Las Vegas and be streamed online for the world to see. It'll be the biggest Evo yet. But maybe you aren't prepared—there are eight completely different games at this one event, after all, and what makes them… » 7/10/14 5:00pm 7/10/14 5:00pm

A Brief @!#?ing History of Swearing in Video Games

In December of 1999, at the tender age of eleven, I received Donkey Kong 64. It was a birthday gift from my parents and even came with a shiny yellow controller, though sadly not the limited edition banana one. Regardless, I popped it in my N64 (after inserting the expansion pack, of course) and snapped the power… » 6/25/14 10:00am 6/25/14 10:00am

How to Make a Mech - The Science Behind World War Machine

Early in development, Tuque Games brought in Thwacke to consult on their upcoming Mechwarrior-meets-Diablo action RPG, World War Machine. We assembled a team of experts consisting of nanotechology researcher Kevin Neibert and Aerospace Defense analyst Greg Linton to create a unique and authentic sci-fi experience. » 6/12/14 9:00am 6/12/14 9:00am

Why Indies Should Complain Less About Clones

I think most people are worrying way too much about most clones. The only clones that should be considered a big problem are direct rips that add nothing and are clearly only intended as a moneygrab. Most infamous clones are not of this type and indie developers should complain less and instead spend that time making… » 5/06/14 10:00pm 5/06/14 10:00pm