Here’s a Taste of PS4 Multiplayer Action with Killzone: Shadow Fall

The glimpses shown so far of Killzone: Shadow Fall have been portions of the single-player, along with very in-depth, shiny tech demos. But, if you want to know what it’s going to look like when folks start going online and blasting at each other, then this here is what you really want to see. » 9/24/13 12:30pm 9/24/13 12:30pm

There’s a Small Chance I Could Care About Killzone: Shadow Fall

The first one was infamously dubbed a Halo-killer. The second gave the PlayStation faithful something impressive to hang on to when pickings were slim in the FPS genre. And Killzone 3 remains one of the only games that truly delivered on the promise of 3D gaming, layering its graphics so that it looked like you were… » 6/19/13 2:00pm 6/19/13 2:00pm