Grand Theft Auto V? Ha! Here's GTA III Played to 100% Completion in Less Than Seven Hours.

The news that GTA V will be bigger than Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas, and GTA IV combined is impressive. It makes on think back to the vast expanses of GTA III, the game that pioneered huge open-world experiences. People spent weeks on that game, trying to complete every last side quest and find every package. »11/08/12 9:30pm11/08/12 9:30pm

GTA III’s Missing Missions, How Claude Got His Look And More You May Not Know About Rockstar’s Classic Game

You might be celebrating GTA III's 10th Anniversary by playing it on your iOS or Android device, with that version freshly out today. Rockstar's celebrating in a different way, though. On their official site, the developer's revealing all kinds of trivia and minutiae about the open-world crime game that put them on… »12/15/11 4:40pm12/15/11 4:40pm

Grand Theft Auto III on iOS Looks Better Than You Remember

Hot on the heels of the announcement earlier today, Rockstar Games made the 10th anniversary edition of Grand Theft Auto IIIavailable for attendees to play. After about 10 minutes of hands-on time with the game running on an iPad 2, there's no mistaking that GTA III on iOS is a loving port of the game that catapulted… »10/13/11 5:20pm10/13/11 5:20pm