DLC? Title Update? Whatever, Gotham City Impostors Promises a Big, Free Update in March

I'm not sure whoever's writing up these notes is properly classifying what's to come from Gotham City Impostors, the downloadable shooter that released this week. "In March, we're going to release our very first DLC for the low, low price of FREE," they say. Considering one of the features is the ability to mute other… »2/11/12 7:30pm2/11/12 7:30pm

Gotham City Impostors Coming Out Next Week to Let You Shoot Bats or Jokers in Batman's Hometown

There've been betas and release date push-backs but the game that lets you be a violent devotee of Batman or his crazy archenemy will finally hit platforms next week. The downloadable FPS will be available on February 7 for PlayStation Network and Windows PC users in the Americas and on February 8 for PSN users… »2/01/12 11:15am2/01/12 11:15am

Work Out Your Clown Phobia or Hatred of Bats Today in the Gotham City Impostors Beta

We ran impressions of the private beta for Gotham City Impostors a while back and now everyone with an Xbox or PS3 can get their taste of Monolith's upcoming multiplayer FPS in the public beta. It's your chance to be an overweight Bat-worshipper or finally get to blow stuff up while wearing clown shoes. Go grab it… »1/26/12 3:30pm1/26/12 3:30pm

This is How You Customize Characters in Gotham City Impostors

The character customization in the Gotham City Impostors beta is pretty robust. You can change the way your gang member will look or tool around in the very extensive loadout section. I was surprised by how many different gadgets they let you play with in the beta, it gets me excited to see what they add to the full… »12/16/11 3:20pm12/16/11 3:20pm

Gotham City Impostors is a Chaotic, Grappling-Hooked Fun Time

Gotham City Impostors may look like a Team Fortress 2 clone at first, but upon delving into the game, it's actually quite fun. You can customize the character's looks, body type, and even your gun (and gadgets!) loadout. Items such as the grappling hook or rollerskates help you navigate the maps, keeping the matches… »12/15/11 8:30pm12/15/11 8:30pm

It’s Bat-Dork vs. Joker Goth in This New Gotham City Impostors Animated Teaser

The latest set-up clip from Warner Bros. Animation for the upcoming Bat-FPS puts viewers in the middle of a firefight where the game's factions face-off against each other. Sure, a gun battle in what looks like broad daylight probably isn't how Bruce Wayne would handle things but the Bat-vibe in this game will be… »12/07/11 10:40am12/07/11 10:40am

Pretend You’re Best Friends with Batman or Joker When Gotham City Impostors Comes Out in January 2012

Yes, yes: you're already pretending you're the Dark Knight in probable Game of the Year candidate Batman: Arkham City. But what if you've been waiting to pretend to pretend you're one of Batman's crew of crimefighters? You'll finally get your chance when Warner Bros. releases Gotham City Impostors—the downloadable… »11/10/11 10:00am11/10/11 10:00am