Guild Wars 2 Players Angry Over Currency Exchange Changes [Update]

Guild Wars 2 players have long enjoyed the ability to easily exchange gold for gems used to buy nifty cosmetic items in the game's Black Lion Trading Company store. Yesterday's game update changed all of that, and players are not happy. Update: ArenaNet has responded, and will be reinstating the ability to… »10/22/14 4:30pm10/22/14 4:30pm

Man Sells Family Fortune To Play MMO, Then Claims He Was Robbed

A Chinese man in the northern Shandong province of China sold off 38 kilograms worth of gold bars to fund his online gaming habit. In order to explain why the family fortune was suddenly missing, he went to the police to report that he was robbed.

Midday on July 30th, the man, surnamed Yan, reported to police that he… »8/06/12 6:00am8/06/12 6:00am

Gamestation Offers World-Exclusive Gold Gears 2 Lancer Replica

Sure, people who pre-order Gears of War 2 get an exclusive in-game gold Lancer weapon to chainsaw their friends with, and folks can order a rather-expensive replica Lancer from Amazon, but only UK online retailer Gamestation offers both. They are now accepting pre-orders for the Gears of War 2 - Gold Lancer Assault… »10/14/08 11:40am10/14/08 11:40am