The Fastest Switch To Free-To-Play In The History Of MMOs

Dungeons & Dragons Online did it. Lord of the Rings Online is doing it. More and more massively multiplayer online games are switching to a free-to-play model, but none quite as fast as Hi-Rez Studios' online shooter Global Agenda. » 6/28/10 11:20am 6/28/10 11:20am

Pwning For The Cure With Global Agenda

Saturdays are usually my days for staying inside and playing video games, as opposed to all the other days where I might step outside now and then just to make sure the world is still there. Not this past Saturday, November 8th, however. No, I spent the better part of the day down the street at the internet gaming cafe … » 11/14/08 3:00pm 11/14/08 3:00pm

Hi-Rez Studios Fights Leukemia In Georgia Tomorrow

A heads up for folks in the Atlanta area tomorrow, Alpharetta-based game developer Hi-Rez Studios is holding a special MISSION: Pwning For A Cure event tomorrow at the Computer Arena is Roswell befitting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The event will feature game development seminars held by Hi-Rez staffers, a… » 11/07/08 2:30pm 11/07/08 2:30pm