Activision Announces Sledgehammer Games, New Home To Ex-Dead Space Leads

Publisher Activision officially announced today the formation of Sledgehammer Games, the Foster City-based, Activision wholly-owned game development studio headed by ex-Visceral Games leaders Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey. Yes, the folks responsible for last year's brilliant Dead Space. » 11/17/09 4:40pm 11/17/09 4:40pm

Dead Space, Army Of Two, Battlefield: Bad Company Sequels Planned, Sun To Rise

According to EA Games president Frank Gibeau and EA Redwood Shores general manager Glen Schofield, EA is planning on producing sequels to recent hits Army of Two, Battlefield: Bad Company and Dead Space. We'll agree that it's about as shocking as finding one's nose still attached to one's face, but it illustrates just… » 10/23/08 6:40pm 10/23/08 6:40pm