'Warzone' Multiplayer is on Gears of War: Judgment Disc Thanks to Stray…

Earlier this week Gears fans figured out how to trigger Warzone—it has to be done from a private Team Deathmatch, while hitting the A and B buttons simultaneously in the match's parameters menu. Warzone's exclusion and mysterious reappearance led to rumors the mode was going to be included later as paid DLC, but an… » 3/30/13 3:30pm 3/30/13 3:30pm

Six Critics Consider Gears of War: Judgment Fresh, Frantic and Fun

Gears of War has been around for a while now—seven years, with Judgment being the fourth game in the series—and it seems the franchise is not ready to slow down just yet. Most reviewers agree that the gameplay is exhilarating, the story is tight, and the war-torn world is prettier than ever. » 3/19/13 9:00am 3/19/13 9:00am

Gears of War Judgment Isn't All-Prequel, After All

Most of this month's Gears of War Judgment on Xbox 360 takes place before the three existing Gears of War games. But there will also be a short campaign called "Aftermath" that takes place concurrently with the near-final moments of Gears of War 3. The brief two-hour-or-so campaign follows two series regulars, Baird… » 3/04/13 9:20am 3/04/13 9:20am

Gears of War: Judgment Shows Us How the Fighting Started

The key takeaway to this prequel to Epic Games' sci-fi shooter series is the idea that the humans of Sera thought they could win a fight against the Locust. You've got Delta Squad's Baird and Cole front and center as the Slugs start to break through the surface. Giant subterranean lifeforms? Check. Cover combat.… » 12/07/12 10:23pm 12/07/12 10:23pm

Gears of War: Judgment Finally Lets Human Soldiers Settle Some Grudges…

Sure, the gross, gruff Locust in the Gears of War games have always been squishy and fun to kill. Multiplayer matches in Epic's successful shooter series have generally pit the subterranean enemies against humanity's COG soldiers. But sometimes you just get the urge to give Cole Train an lethal Lancer massage, if… » 8/28/12 9:15am 8/28/12 9:15am