Here's Why Brothers In Arms Was Delayed

Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway was originally due in 2006. It'll be out next week, in 2008 » 9/18/08 7:30am 9/18/08 7:30am, so there's been a fairly sizeable delay on Gearbox's end. What caused the holdup? According to Gearbox, it was a combination of the multiplatform development and the Unreal Engine 3.0. They bought the engine off the shelf, and…

Samba De Amigo Wii Maraca Controllers Appear

In our previous encounters with Sega, reps have told us that they were "thinking" about maraca controllers for the Wii version of Samba de Amigo. They're "looking into it," they say. Well, if this box art from UK retailer HMV is right, they're pretty much a lock. Dug up by GoNintendo, the included maracas appear to be… » 6/27/08 6:40pm 6/27/08 6:40pm