These Games With Donut Whales and Robot Pickles Should Be A Real Thing

The Game Developers Conference sees a lot of creativity and interesting ideas pass through the halls of the convention center it's hosted at. Production company iam8bit put together their own creative project that spawned some abstract and quirky game ideas.

Using oversized fridge magnets—you know, the ones with… »3/29/12 12:00pm3/29/12 12:00pm


Epic Games’ Anti-Cloning Solution? Make It Huge and Add “Secret Sauce”

It's not only smaller, younger developers who have to worry about cloning. Idea theft is on the minds of the people at Epic Games, too. Even though they make big, burly games like Gears of War and Bulletstorm, the developer still sees themselves as an indie, said Epic CEO Tim Sweeney. People could try and do what… »3/16/12 7:00pm3/16/12 7:00pm

Witness the Awesome iPad Game That Lets Your Fingers Get Intimate with the Universe

Steph Thirion's games understand the power of touch. While most iOS games require tactile contact to play, so few translate what it means to touch in real life. Touching a thing or a person can connect you to it intimately. Think about touching ingredients when you cook or affectionate laying hands on a romantic… »3/16/12 1:00pm3/16/12 1:00pm

God of War III's Gigantic Titan Was Better Endowed Than You Might Think

The creative teams who've made the God of War games have done cruel things to the members of the Greco-Roman pantheon, with series hero Kratos wreaking jaw-dropping vengeance on Ares, Hermes and Hades. Each god Kratos came up against met a spectacularly bloody end but a talk at last week's Game Developers Conference… »3/13/12 5:00pm3/13/12 5:00pm

Giggle With Us Now at These—Let’s Be Honest—Pretty Goofy Motion-Capture Demonstrations

Motion-capture technology's changed the way that today's movies, TV shows and video games look and move. Usually, sessions where special cameras and suits upload a person's movement to computers happens in sequestered studios, far from prying eyes. At GDC 2012, mo-cap happened right out in the open and it was a… »3/12/12 6:30pm3/12/12 6:30pm

Your Nit-Picky, Paranoid Playstyle Teaches Civilization's Creator How to Make Games

For as long as there've been video games, there've been attempts to classify the various types of people who play them. It's a bit of a parlor game that reveals bits of human behavior. What do you call the person who tries to parse a game's inner workings? Legendary designer Sid Meier's coined his own categories and… »3/08/12 11:30am3/08/12 11:30am