Redbox Takes a Mild Shot at Xbox One, PS4 Over Used-Game Concerns

While the rent-by-mail service GameFly is keeping quiet on what Xbox One may mean to its future, the kiosk rental service Redbox has begun a modest lobbying campaign to remind gamers that game rentals, used games, even taking them to a friend's home are in serious jeopardy under the new console generation. » 6/09/13 1:00pm 6/09/13 1:00pm

GameFly Prevails Against Postal Service Once Again, If Anyone's Still…

In court today, GameFly triumphed once more in its seemingly never-ending fight against the U.S. Postal Service, which GameFly alleges has shown favoritism in how it sorts Netflix mail going all the way back a time when people actually rented movies by mail. » 1/11/13 6:00pm 1/11/13 6:00pm

GameFly Says People Wanted Batman More than Modern Warfare 3 or Skyrim

Picking the best games of the year always boils down to opinion, which always leads to dissension over subjectivity and bias. So, while Kotaku's staffers rallied around Portal 2 as the site's GOTY, readers held their own damn awards and anointed Skyrim as their standout title for 2011. » 1/05/12 10:40am 1/05/12 10:40am

GameFly Launches All-You-Can-Eat Digital Download Service for PC Games …

More and more frequently, analysts and other people pontificate on the gaming industry's future to say is that brick-and-mortar retail locations are going to become a thing of the past. Like movies, music and even books, they say, video games are probably going to leave physical media behind. » 12/19/11 3:40pm 12/19/11 3:40pm

Gamefly Triumphs in Postal Service Dispute

The U.S. Postal Service gave an unfair advantage to competitors like Netflix and Blockbuster Video, a regulatory board said Wednesday, awarding game rental service GameFly a victory in a two-year dispute over the postage, breakage and sorting of its disc mailings. » 4/20/11 9:30pm 4/20/11 9:30pm

GameFly Implies It'd Double Monthly Profits If It Got the Netflix…

GameFly has been at it with the U.S. Postal Service for nearly two years now over what it perceives as preferential treatment to Netflix, whose mailings GameFly alleges are given higher priority by postal sorters, not to mention a better postage rate. So much that savings from the postage rate Netflix enjoys would… » 3/27/11 4:00pm 3/27/11 4:00pm

Signs Point To NBA Jam On Disc [Updated]

GameFly has listed NBA Jam's PS3 and 360 version for release Nov. 18 and while that's most likely a placeholder date, the fact a rental service lists the game indicates it will be a retail disc release, not a download. » 10/13/10 6:00pm 10/13/10 6:00pm